An Important Message from Dr. Warner

chiropractic glendale azDear Friends:

Welcome to the Warner Family Chiropractic Website! By being here today, you have taken an important step to better health and well-being. Some of you are new to chiropractic care altogether and some of you are new patients with us but have experienced chiropractic care before; all of you probably have some questions regarding your health and we welcome all of them and encourage questions to keep open the lines of communication between us.

When you come in to our office for your first visit we will have you fill out some forms (you know the ones that you fill out anywhere you go) and then answer some questions while you talk to my Chiropractic Assistant, Katie. Then you and I will talk and I’ll do an exam on you and probably take some x-rays so we can see what’s going on inside. You’ll probably get a “first aid” adjustment that day to help you get started on the healing. Then you’ll be sent home with some homework. Please fill out the health questionnaire you will receive on your first visit and bring it back with you. This helps us help you! On your next visit, we will talk for a little while and then we will be going over your x-rays with you (if any were taken), discussing your specific problem areas and establishing your specific program of care. If some questions we ask seem different than typical medical questions, please remember that chiropractic care is different. Let me explain:

First of all, chiropractic is not a substitute for conventional medical care. Medical doctors have their areas of expertise, we have ours. The difference? We are specialists in correcting an often silent but debilitating condition called a “vertebral subluxation”. A what?! A “vertebral subluxation” is interference with normal nerve function caused by an alteration in the position of the vertebra of the spine. It can be caused by a whole variety of factors from trauma to emotional factors to environmental stress.

Normally, nerves conduct life from the brain to all the tissues and organs in the body. These messages from the brain can only be conducted properly if there is no interference in the communication line. Think of how a lightbulb works– the power has to get from the power plant through all the wires to your lightbulb- if one of the wires is cut or frayed, the power to that lightbulb is diminished or cut altogether. The nervous system is actually the electrical system of the body. It is the MASTER controlling system of the entire body.

When the power in that system is interfered with somehow, the life force responsible to make your body work properly will be diminished. The results of this diminished life force can range from general unhealthiness to minor discomfort to acute physical pain. You may have had this interference happen to you without your even knowing it or it may have resulted from a specific trauma in your life. Nerves conduct life– interfere with this natural conduction process and healthy tissues may become diseased or even die.

You have symptoms or alarms that caught your attention and may have made you search out a chiropractor in the first place. A symptom is an interference that tells your body “Hey, this hurts, stop doing it!” These symptoms are signals to tell you that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. We will work together through chiropractic adjustments to remove those interferences and allow your body to do what it innately or naturally knows to do … heal. As you start to return to this state, you will probably notice that your symptoms do disappear before the motor units are stabilized and the subluxations are eliminated. That is why we stress so strongly that you follow your special program to optimum health, so that we can correct the cause of your problem not just cover up the symptom temporarily. By following our recommendations and keeping appointments on a regular basis, the life flow will be restored–at your body’s capacity and pace. Let’s totally correct the cause so your body can Innately correct problems and maintain health.

If you are living with interference, you will live better without it. Thank you for trusting us to guide you on the road to better health and well-being. It’s not just about feeling better, but it’s about healing better!

In health,
Carla Warner, D.C.