Family Care

Chiropractic Care is a Family Affair

Chiropractic is so much more than fixing the aches and pains from an injury or accident and my family is proof. Our five year old son, Clayton, was constantly sick and an overall unhappy little guy from the time he was born. We were told he had allergies, colic and at about 4 months the swine flu. His birth was challenging, but we were not aware that the birth process can cause subluxations which can result in many more issues. With both our son and our oldest daughter we were in and out of the doctor’s office treating the symptoms of many different viruses and infections frequently. It was a cycle that we could not seem to break no matter how many times they changed the medicine.

Our sister-in-law is also a patient of Dr. Carla. She began going to Warner Family Chiropractic because her daughter struggled with constant ear infections. We followed her recommendation and are so thankful we did. We began treatment when our oldest daughter was just over a year old and was also struggling with ear infections. Our entire family has been treated by Dr. Carla now for a year and a half. Both our son and oldest daughter have been healthier than ever before. I do not mean that they do not ever catch a virus, but I do mean that it does not affect them in the same way as it used to.  While patients of Dr. Carla, we found out we were expecting our last baby. I was slightly concerned about continuing treatment while pregnant, but am so thankful I did. Dr. Carla put my mind at ease again by explaining the benefits and the reasons why it is safe. Not only was my entire pregnancy more comfortable, but delivery was as well. Just hours after the arrival of our youngest daughter, Dr. Carla gave her the first of many adjustments. She is treated regularly now along with the rest of the family.

The changes chiropractic care made in our lives are remarkable. Our trips to the family doctor are now slim to none, our children are happy, bright spirited little kids, and my germ anxiety is minimized and that is just a few of the differences. Even starting as a skeptic of the practice, the Wednesday evening health talk and Dr. Carla’s willingness to answer and explain any question proposed made the facts behind the practice very clear. It is now an expected trip each week and one my children look forward to. Not only is the adjustment beneficial to overall health, but the visit to Warner Family Chiropractic is guaranteed to brighten your day. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and the environment is as well. Being a patient of Dr. Carla at Warner Family Chiropractic is like being part of another family that truly cares about you and your well-being! We love you Dr. Carla! <3

Tori P