Colicky Baby

Colicky Baby – Spitting Up – Frustrated Parents – Resolved in  6 week old baby

My fourth child (Kyree Jhene) was born on September 16th, 2016 and not long after she became a patient of Dr. Carla Warner’s.  Soon after she was born she started suffering from what I assumed was colic and gas.  She was obviously uncomfortable and would cry most of the day and night.  As a mother who had 3 children prior that never experienced something like this I felt failed as a parent that I could not figure out how to help her and ease her pain.  We tried many things (gas drops, different formula, etc.) to try and help before we were introduced to Dr. Warner and Chiropractic Care, which ultimately saved us and our little girl.

Our first meeting with Dr. Warner she explained in depth the benefits and importance of Chiropractic Care, not only for adults, but for children and infants.  I was surprised how many things that she discussed related to a lot of the things that my family had been experiencing and struggling with.  At that meeting Dr. Warner evaluated Kyree and adjusted her for the very first time.  During the first adjustment Kyree was able to release a lot of the gas her little stomach had been struggling so much with and was very clearly more comfortable and started to feel the benefits of the adjustments.  Over the next few days the benefits of the adjustment were even more apparent because the “colicky” behavior started to fade.

I now have a baby that smiles, sleeps and is no longer uncomfortable.  Our home life has improved dramatically and the confidence of parenting has restored tremendously.  I tell everyone I can about chiropractic care and the amazing benefits.  I wish I would have discovered it sooner.  There is no value you can put on having a happy healthy baby.  There really are no words that can tell you how grateful we are to have Warner Chiropractic.  Our whole family of six now comes to Dr. Warner, not only when we aren’t feeling our best, but on a regular basis.  Dr. Warner is so knowledgeable and will answer all your and make sure you are comfortable with the treatments before they are given. She has an amazing bedside manner and her entire office treats my family like their own and go out of their way to make sure we are all happy and healthy.  I highly recommend trying Chiropractic Care and bringing your family to Warner Chiropractic.

Sarah S