Spinal Decompression

How Does Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Work?

Non-surgical spinal decompression allows patients to achieve relief from severe back by gently reducing the pressure within lumbar discs. The vertebrae of the lumbar spine are slowly and specifically separated using the computer control of the Chatanooga Tritan DTS Spinal Decompression Table. As the bones are separated, pressure is slowly reduced within the disc until a vaccuum is formed. This vaccuum “pulls” the jelly-like center of the disc back inside thereby reducing the disc bulge or disc herniation. By reducing the disc bulge, we are able to reduce pressure off the spinal nerves which are so close to the disc. This process drastically reduces pain and disability. The “sucking” vaccuum also pulls much-needed oxygen, nutrients and fluid into injured and degenerated discs allowing the healing to begin. Because the process is non-surgical, no tissue is actually cut in order to reduce pressure.

Notice how the separation of the spinal bones seen in the illustration above increases the space between the discs, thereby reducing the disc bulge or herniation and removes pressure off of the nearby nerve tissue.

The treatment is computer controlled, which provides gentle and painless decompression therapy of the injured or degenerated discs, as well as the facet joints. The decompression unit separates the offending vertebrae and slowly cycles between brief moments of pulling and relaxing (oscillation). This computer driven ability allows us to avoid the reflex muscle spasm that has been such a problem for traditional traction for so many years. The result is a more specific, and comfortable treatment, with better outcomes. Warner Family Chiropractic is one of the few spinal decompression centers in Glendale and Peoria. Call now for a consultation to see if disc decompression therapy is for you.

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